Erasing Data for Good

An Expert-Led Training Series On Data Sanitization Essentials

Need to ensure sensitive data is gone for good? These dynamic sessions will quickly ramp up your understanding of permanent, regulation compliant, and eco-friendly protection at data end of life.

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Data Sanitization 101: The Fundamentals of Secure Data Destruction

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This inaugural session offers a quick primer on what data sanitization is and isn’t, the three (and only three!) ways of sanitizing data, primary data sanitization standards, and an overview of best practices for executing data sanitization effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Data Sanitization 101: Meet the Panel

Fredrik Forslund

Fredrik Forslund Director, International Data Sanitization Consortium & VP, Blancco

Fredrik Forslund Director, International Data Sanitization Consortium & VP, Blancco

Fredrik is also the Director of the International Data Sanitization Consortium (IDSC), where he leads the organization in its mission to educate organizations and standards bodies about the permanent eradication of data, clarifying industry terminology and guidelines to ensure compliance with data security, protection and privacy laws.  

With a keen eye for streamlining corporate IT security efficiencies and maintaining compliance with data privacy legislation, Fredrik is often regarded as a trusted advisor among customers. Forslund understands the operational, financial and cultural nuances of driving global business growth.  

When he’s not guiding customers through data erasure, or working with Blancco’s internal teams, he can be found speaking at industry conferences. 

Russ Ernst, Blancco VP of Products & Technology

Russ Ernst Chief Technology Officer, Blancco

Russ Ernst Chief Technology Officer, Blancco

As chief technology officer at Blancco Technology Group, Russ Ernst is responsible for defining, driving, and executing product strategy across the entire Blancco data erasure, device diagnostics, and mobile lifecycle solutions suite.

Russ is a regular speaker at IT and data security industry conferences, where he addresses data lifecycle management, end-of-life IT management, and data sanitization best practices. He also provides expertise on how organizations can reach their sustainability goals and fuel the circular economy by harnessing secure disposal processes.

With over twenty years of experience managing ITAD and enterprise technology product development, Russ is regularly sought for comment. You can find his insights in Recycling Today, Security Boulevard, Data Center Knowledge, Business Insider, and The Fast Mode, and in the upcoming book, Net Zeros and Ones: How Data Erasure Promotes Sustainability, Privacy, and Security. 

Richard Stiennon - Blancco Contributor

Richard Steinnon Research Analyst, Author of Security Yearbook 2022

Richard Steinnon Research Analyst, Author of Security Yearbook 2022

Richard Stiennon is a renown industry analyst. He has held executive roles with Gartner, Webroot Software, Fortinet, and Blancco Technology Group.

As Chief Strategy Officer for Blancco he worked with standards bodies to modernize data erasure requirements for enterprise and IT asset disposition facilities. He was a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Responsible Recycling standard. Stiennon has written six books including Surviving Cyberwar (Rowman&Littlefield), UP and to the RIGHT: Strategy and Tactics of Analyst Influence,

There Will be Cyberwar, Security Yearbook 2020: A Complete History and Directory of the IT Security Industry, and Curmudgeon: How to Succeed as an Industry Analyst. He has a BS in Aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan and an MA in War in the Modern World from King’s College, London.

Discover the rest of the series:


Tackling Data Risk at End of Life: Enforcing Data Security & Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

January 31, 2023. 4 PM GMT | 11 AM ET

We’ll look at how to achieve absolute, permanent, compliant, data sanitization—whether disposing of hardware or eliminating data from live environments. Are you handling PII, PHI, proprietary, or confidential information? Protecting this digital gold from hackers and thieves at end-of-life is critical.


Drive Destruction & Sustainability: The Hidden Value of Eco-Focused Tech Disposal

March 22, 2023, 4 PM GMT | 11 AM ET

“Drive Destruction & Sustainability: The Hidden Value of Eco-Focused Tech Disposal” shows the powerful role different methods of data sanitization can play in benefitting or detracting from your organization’s sustainability initiatives—and why that matters to business.


Automating Data Sanitization: Increasing Compliance, Data Protection & Value with Less Effort

May 24, 2023, 4 PM UK | 11 AM ET

“Automating Data Sanitization: Increasing Compliance, Data Protection & Value with Less Effort” shows how to streamline end-of-life data processes so your IT team can accomplish more in less time, eliminate human error, and ensure compliance with the data protection regulations that affect your industry.

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