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We thrive on innovation. Our teams work tirelessly on providing industry-leading data erasure and mobile solutions worldwide, focusing on lowering risk, accelerating customer operations, expanding partners’ market opportunities, and supporting a more circular global economy.

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Blancco has a worldwide footprint to sell and service its target markets. All three market segments have an immediate need to buy Blancco’s products due to various trends including regulation, environmental, security risks and technology change. This expansion will be generated through direct sales and increasingly indirect channels via our international partners. 

Mission – To deliver the highest quality technology and efficient data management processes by leveraging our global expertise in data and asset lifecycle solutions 

Vision – To enable companies to responsibly manage their data by erasing concerns for organisations worldwide 

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Enterprise / Data Centre

Key objectives 

  • Increase revenues through the development of indirect sales channels, comprising both OEM and channel partners 
  • Broaden channel partner base with the introduction of new blue chip partners such as AWS, ServiceNow, Deloitte 
  • Continue to develop intellectual property to provide a best in class solution for customers 


Key objectives 

  • Create a leadership position in the Mobile Asset Lifecycle space by providing a broad range of software-based processing solutions that reach across the three markets sectors of Carrier, Retailer and Third-Party Logistics  
  • Add resource to the R&D division to accelerate product development 
  • Continue to work with partners such as AON to push mobile insurance technology into retailers 

ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)

Key objectives 

  • Retain market leading position in ITAD market 
  • Gain increasing market share in a moderately growing market 

Financial Highlights

£36.5m (FY20: £33.4m) +9%

Revenue – FY 2021

£10.2m (FY 2020: £8.1m) +26%

Adjusted EBITDA – FY 2021

£5.3m (FY 2020: £4.0m) +33%

Adjusted operating profit – FY 2021

£10.1m (FY 2020: £6.7m) +51%

Net cash – FY 2021

Business Model

Our competitive advantages

Unique Solutions

Data erasure solutions meet 22 standards, along with 14 global certificates, approvals and recommendations. Constantly developing and improving our solutions by developing new IP through R&D and collaborative.

Strong Financials

Solid cash position. Balance sheet provides stability and opportunity for investment. Significant revenue and profit growth year-on-year.

Growing Markets

Need for data erasure and data sanitisation solutions is growing, due to growth in data and greater focus of business models on digital processes. Growing use of mobiles and second-hand mobile market, requiring data erasure and sanitization solutions.

Targeted Growth Strategy

Strategy is focused on markets that have a growing need for Blancco’s solutions. Strategy ensures Blancco will have leading positions in these markets.

A Sustainable Business Model

Blancco’s solutions enable the reuse and recycling of IT assets while protecting sensitive data. The assets would otherwise be destroyed and sent to landfill. Blancco has been awarded the LSE Green Economy Award in recognition of data sanitisation being an environmentally friendly method of managing data, as opposed to the physical destruction of assets.

Geographical Reach

Blancco is truly a global operation with offices in 15 countries and revenue being generated in over 70. This enables growth to continue through periods of economic pressure as seen in the ongoing pandemic period where the impact is varied in different regions at different times.

Brand and Reputation

Blancco’s solutions are seen as the standard in our industry

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