Introducing Blancco’s New Enterprise USB Erasure Enablement Solution⁠

Jul 19, 2019 Blog Article

Blancco’s free Enterprise USB Erasure Enablement tool allows organizations to turn any standard USB stick into a standalone erasure solution. Here’s how.

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Enterprise USB Solution Erases Multiple IT Assets Offline

On July 18, 2019, Blancco made its Enterprise USB Erasure Enablement solution available to all enterprise customers. This new solution allows enterprise organizations to turn any standard USB stick into a standalone erasure solution by loading the stick with erasure licenses from cloud variants of Blancco Management Console.

The Blancco Enterprise USB Erasure Enablement solution is a simple and powerful tool to erase multiple IT assets offline without network access. With this new offering, Blancco is providing its enterprise customers and partners with added flexibility to deploy our erasure software on their terms.

The Blancco Enterprise USB Erasure Enablement solution provides the flexibility to load between one and 250 erasure licenses. Once the erasure has started on one machine, the USB stick may be removed to start an erasure on the next device, allowing for not only simultaneous erasure—but also automated erasure—on up to 250 devices.

The new solution adds to Blancco’s many existing deployment options—the most in our industry. The data erasure process can be deployed using a HASP key, USB stick, CD/DVD, network boot/PXE, MSI package or ILO.

This new, offline tool is an easy-to-use offline solution that allows for efficiencies in many different enterprise environments.

Here are three specific use cases:

  1. Remote data centers with no network access
  2. Small enterprise offices or enterprise employees traveling to other sites (when there are restrictions on accessing the network)
  3. A third-party enterprise (Blancco partner/customer) can create an erasure USB and send it to their users (for retail returns such as mobile devices, laptops, etc.)

This free enterprise tool is available from our order delivery page (see the third Download table, “Blancco Drive Eraser (Enterprise Edition)”) for any interested enterprise customers. We encourage you to try out this tool today and provide your feedback to our Product Management Team.

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