[Slides] Destruction vs. Erasure of End-of-Life IT Assets

Need to justify choosing data erasure over physical destruction (including shredding or degaussing) for data storage devices? Our “Destruction vs. Erasure of End-of-Life IT Assets” slides will help you make your case.

While physical destruction can be effective, there are better methods to ensure data is irretrievable from your end-of-life technology assets.

“Destruction vs. Erasure of End-of-Life IT Assets” shows how data erasure eliminates the need for costly physical destruction while allowing devices to be confidently reused, resold, or donated. Not only does this improve your bottom line, but it keeps those devices from becoming hazardous e-waste.

Download these slides to learn:

Then, use these fact-filled slides to make the case for data erasure to your chief information officer, chief security officer or data protection officer.

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