[On-Demand Webinar] Rethink Your Mobile Device Processing for a Lower Cost per Unit

Webinar Overview

How much does mobile data erasure and diagnostics really cost? You might find the real price can be lower than you thought. 

Many organizations look at how much they pay per license but that does not account for all factors. Market factors like the rising cost of labor and logistics, supply chain disruptions, and the competitiveness of the used device market can quickly cut into your margin. 

Watch the webinar which focuses on calculating the true cost of mobile data erasure and diagnostics. Our expert speakers will provide insights on how to lower the cost per unit (CPU) for each erasure, how to increase the number of units processed per hour, and the impact of automation.  

Our speakers present real-world examples of customers who reduced mobile processing costs up to 40%. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How data erasure costs go beyond the price of an erasure or diagnostics license. 
  • The economic drivers that continue to raise ancillary processing costs and lower margins. 
  • What factors should be considered when calculating the true cost of mobile processing. 
  • How to improve data erasure and diagnostics efficiency. 

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Meet Our Speakers

Kon Maragelis Senior Mobile Sales Specialist, Blancco

Andrew Hage APAC Vice President, Likewise

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