[On-Demand Webinar] Mobile Device Trade-Ins and Insurance: Ways to Gain Consumer Trust in an Online Process

Webinar Overview

The year 2020 saw a significant disruption in the sale of smartphones; risk-averse consumers and the physical restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic combined to create the perfect storm and make mobile device sales and trade-ins much more challenging. Yet the outlook is positive; the transitional process to 5G accelerates, and with it comes significant opportunities for mobile carriers, retailers, used-device processers, and insurers for increased revenues, as well as customer satisfaction and retention.

In this webinar, Blancco’s EVP of Products and Technology Russ Ernst will explain how the 5G ‘super cycle’ can stimulate trade-ins for the used devices market and sales of mobile insurance, increasingly seen through online channels.

Key topics include:

  • The demand for 5G devices? and the ‘super cycle’ effect
  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumer buyer behaviour and how you can adapt to meet changing buyer habits
  • In-store vs online trade-ins and mobile insurance: how to improve the online experience and gain consumer trust
  • Examination of the reasons consumers aren’t comfortable with trade-ins, and the strategies available to change this
  • How to improve customer experience and revenue in a 5G, lockdown and post pandemic environment

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Russ Ernst, Blancco VP of Products & Technology

Russ Ernst Executive Vice President, Products and Technology, Blancco

Russ Ernst Executive Vice President, Products and Technology, Blancco

Russ Ernst was named Executive Vice President, Products and Technology in October 2018. He is responsible for defining, driving and executing the product strategy across both the data erasure and mobile diagnostics product suites. Critical parts of his role include developing a strong team of product owners and cultivating an organizational product culture based on continuous testing and learning.

Most recently, Russ was Director of Product Management for Lumension, where he was instrumental in expanding the platforms and applications supported for vulnerability remediation content, as well as adding support for the most prevalent Linux/UNIX server platforms and third party applications. Given his deep technical expertise and understanding of the data security landscape, Russ often speaks on our webinars alongside data security influencers on topics, such as cloud storage, SSD data destruction challenges and data deletion methods.

Wei Shi Intelligence Manager, Telecoms.com

Wei Shi Intelligence Manager, Telecoms.com

Wei leads the Telecoms.com Intelligence function. His responsibilities include managing and producing premium content for Telecoms.com Intelligence, undertaking special projects, and supporting internal and external partners.

Wei’s research and writing have followed the heartbeat of the telecoms industry. Wei has two decades’ experience in the telecoms ecosystem. His former employers include Nokia and Strategy Analytics. Wei is a graduate of The London School of Economics. He speaks English, French, and Chinese, and has a working knowledge of Finnish and German. He is based in Telecom.com’s London office.

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