We conducted a similar study of HDDs and SSDs purchased on eBay in 2019. To discover what we found in this more recent study, download “Privacy for Sale: Data Security Risks in the Second-Hand IT Asset Marketplace.”

According to redemptions and loss recovery company Chargebacks 911, 72 percent of Americans own a smartphone, with users replacing them every 29 months. With all of these mobile phone replacements comes a hidden threat—the (often) sensitive data that’s left behind. Between May 2015 and August 2015, Blancco and Kroll Ontrack purchased a combined total of 122 second-hand hard disk drives, solid state drives and mobile devices sold in the U.S., Germany and the U.K. from popular online marketplaces. Here’s what we found:

  • 48 percent of hard drives and 35 percent of smartphones held residual data
  • Incomplete data sanitization methods had been performed on many of the devices
  • Recovered information included emails, sensitive company documents, photos and videos

Download the research study to learn exactly what we found on these used devices and how your organization can take steps to mitigate this data security threat.

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