Sustainability Costs of End-of-Life Data

Are We Doing Enough to Combat Excess Data and E-Waste?

ESG regulations are ramping up. Enterprise data use is skyrocketing. And businesses are missing the connection.

The IDC forecasts data consumption to reach 221 zettabytes by 2026—that’s the equivalent of streaming all the Netflix content in the world continuously for over 4,500 years.

It makes sense, then, that reducing an enterprise’s data footprint can go a long way in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Still, nearly 40% of global businesses have yet to act on sustainability issues caused by end-of-life (EOL) data.

Our survey of 1,800 IT and sustainability leaders worldwide investigates the nexus of escalating data collection, international climate concerns, and today’s data management practices, including:

  • The environmental impact of data footprints and current attitudes on sustainable EOL data management
  • How hoarded data harms businesses’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ambitions
  • The relationship between cloud and on-prem data management and Scope 3 emissions (which comprise 70% of emissions at most large organizations)
  • How stronger partnerships between enterprise sustainability and IT departments can address each area’s regulatory compliance goals.

See how businesses worldwide—including your own—can harness data management practices to help meet new and aggressive ESG requirements.

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