Customized Mobile Workflows: Your Organization’s New Superpower

Mobile processors have always been interested in customized processes that increase efficiency and are specifically designed to fit their organization’s needs. Because of this, Blancco has updated its Mobile products to enable customized workflows. These customized mobile workflows help mobile organizations lock down and automate processes, reduce training times, adopt best practices and intelligently process assets based on specific customer needs, device profiles and Mobile OS requirements.

What are Blancco Customized Mobile Workflows?

Our customized mobile workflows allow you to tailor our mobile diagnostics and erasure products to perfectly fit your organization’s needs. Blancco Mobile can work as an independent solution or integrate seamlessly into existing systems, leveraging two-way API communication into critical systems, such as your enterprise reporting and warehouse management systems. We can work directly with these systems to create efficiencies and build repeatable processes for erasure, grading and diagnostics across the entire mobile processing lifecycle.

Simple mobile workflows can be created in as little as a few minutes, and the platform makes it easy to enable custom workflows using our graphics engine. And you aren’t limited to one or two customized workflows; you can create as many as you need to address your requirements.

Download the Solution Brief.