Safely Decommission Servers Faster with Automated Data Erasure

If you run a data center, you’re probably stretched for both budget and time. That can make it challenging to properly decommission servers, either at end-of-life or for re-provisioning. You need to ensure data is completely unrecoverable with secure data sanitization processes, while also addressing your resource constraints.

One option is to remove each local drive and physically destroy it, either in-house or using a third-party vendor. This approach is effective, but you may have concerns about the environmental impact. It also eliminates the ability to reuse or resell those assets. There’s a better way.

Data erasure is an alternative to physical destruction that involves securely overwriting all sectors of the storage medium. This process sanitizes all data so it can’t be recovered, even with advanced forensics. Automation and other optimizations for large-scale data erasure can help make it as efficient as possible and reduce the impact on your internal resources.

Discover how automated data erasure allows you for complete data sanitization across your IT assets, saving you valuable time and resources.

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