Intelligent Business Routing

This first-of-its-kind solution, Blancco Intelligent Business Routing (IBR), streamlines and accelerates business processes by automating tracking, grading, sanitizing, reimaging and reporting for IT assets.

Our Solution

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Accelerate business processes

A new process management tool that minimizes manual procedures for tracking, erasing, and reporting on IT assets entering the recovery and resale market. Based on customizable workflows, IBR integrates seamlessly with a range of industry applications essential to processing used devices.

IBR takes automation to the next level, harnessing Blancco-patented workflow technologies for business process management. This automation can be applied beyond data erasure, incorporating applications throughout the entire device processing ecosystem.

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Integrate with existing tools

IBR incorporates multiple workflows, integrating with asset management systems and other external applications, from device grading to asset discovery and reimaging processes.

IBR integrations easily accommodate and launch customer-specific procedures, eliminating the manual steps involved in customizing these processes. All of this is automated and repeatable, shortening the time from receiving a device to recouping its value.

Speed up asset sorting

Accelerate asset sorting, automatically routing marketable assets through the right processing steps towards erasure.

Qualify assets based on your specific cut-line factors: hardware configuration, age, quality of components, device health, chassis type, processor generation, RAM capacity, and more.

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Dynamic diagnostics tests

IBR automatically begins device diagnostics tests, determining which assets are best for resale, recycling or re-use – allowing maximum value from each asset while dramatically cutting diagnostics time.

Additionally, IBR minimizes operator training with easy-to-program commands, and workflows, to quickly evaluate assets based on hardware configuration, age, device health, component quality and more.

Key Benefits

How does our first-of-its-kind solution assist the management of your IT assets?


Fully customizable workflows, meeting your unique and specific needs


Little to no operator interaction required, speeding up device sanitization while reducing touch time and minimizing human error


Automated processes that allowing for fast results, no down time, and reduced labor costs.


Consolidating your tasks onto a single workstation


IBR processes can be shared globally through Blancco Management Console and Blancco Management Portal, to standardize operations across distributed offices


Highly versatile, easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology

The most certified data erasure in the world


Tamper-proof audit trail


Global certifications, & recommendations


Compliance with regulatory standards


Standards for data erasure

Working with world-class partners

Case Study

“In all of the companies I’ve worked with, I’ve brought Blancco with me. I continue to be impressed with their partnership, industry knowledge, innovation and flexibility. Time and again, we’ve worked with the Blancco team to find new solutions, and they’ve always delivered.”

Evrim Eravci, Executive VP & Head of Global ITAD, Procurri 
Case Study

“Blancco helps us in securely erasing all IT equipment in a secure and auditable way. By securely erasing data at end-of-life, we can assure our end clients that we take care of their data with high priority till the very end of the data lifecycle and that we are compliant with all regulations.”  

Sacombank IT Manager Read the case study
Case Study

“What’s really surprising was working with Blanco was how easy it was. We are delivering in over 100 countries. That means 100 cultures, languages and so on, and really, we had no problems [introducing] this product in our field.”

Jens Landvogt, Head of Headquarter Support Center AT, Siemens Healthineers Watch the video
Case Study

“I’m a data protection officer and I make sure that the personal data of our clients are secure. Blancco simply just closes the loop of the data lifecycle. That’s why I really feel the need to include Blancco in our processes and governance.”

Sasa Montes, DPO, Unionbank Watch the video

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