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Jun 03, 2019 Video

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Introducing Blancco Mobile Workflows- the key to customized mobile processing.

Blancco Mobile Workflows give mobile processors the power to create streamlined automated diagnostics, grading and erasure workflows across the entire mobile device handling process. With this solution, you can create conditional data points based on desired outcomes, reduce training times for new and existing employees with streamlined grading, diagnostic and erasure processes, de-skill your processes, create different workflows based on customer requirements and weed out common issues early in the grading/diagnostics process to prevent unnecessary touches and wasted time. Simple mobile workflows can be created in as little as a few minutes or you can choose to build out more complicated workflows to streamline every step of your process in the span of a few days. The solution integrates with your ERP, WMS or other existing systems via Blancco’s Two-Way Communication API integration. Here’s a quick demonstration of a basic Blancco Mobile Workflow. This workflow was created for iOS devices.

For this example, we’ve connected a server that could represent your ERP system or any other existing asset management system. Here we can see the ‘back and forth’ communication with that server. In this case, we’ll send a JSON request to the server with the device’s IMEI number, and the reply that we get back from the server has the shipping order ID, status and vendor name. These get stored in the server value variables. The next module stores the received information to Blancco device custom fields so they can be shown on the final device report.

Next is iOS activation, which prepares the phone for diagnostics. Then comes the ‘Find my iPhone’ check. If it’s unlocked, we proceed to configure the Wi-Fi on the phone. We’ve now arrived at the Blancco Mobile Diagnostics process. The phone is routed as a pass or fail, depending on the diagnostic results. Once it’s connected, the phone is automatically detected and can begin processing.

After processing is complete, we receive the customized Blancco report that features key details about the device’s hardware and diagnostic results.

To learn more about how Blancco Mobile Workflows can streamline processes across your organization, contact your local Blancco representative today.

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