Securely erase data from your PCs & laptops

Automate and standardize data sanitization across your infrastructure to gain maximum data protection and value when you erase data from your laptops and desktops. Receive the full audit trail you need to prove compliance with data privacy regulations.

Your secure data erasure solution for laptops & PCs

End-of-Life Erasure Options

Erase internal assets at end of life (EOL) for reuse, resale, recycling, or donation.

Use customizable deployment options to suit your security settings, goals, and requirements across departments, locations, or regions. Deploy Blancco Drive Eraser using MSI preinstall, as well as through endpoint management systems such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, ServiceNow, and more.

Data Erasure for Removeable Media

Use Blancco Removable Media Eraser to permanently erase data from removable media. With Blancco, you can achieve certified data sanitization for SD cards, USB drives, micro drives, compact flash cards, and other flash memory storage devices.

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Data Erasure Throughout the Data Lifecycle

  • Erase ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, or Trivial) data on laptops or PCs.
  • Erase temporary data – project files, sensitive client information, etc. in files, partitions or on-demand, or schedule file removal to run automatically through Group Policy / Task Scheduler
  • Erase data to meet retention policies- E.g. financial or other sensitive processing data (e.g. credit card information) that needs to be removed on a specific, ongoing basis from your systems; or remove data at the end of a specified time frame as required by legislation (e.g. HIPAA).

Manage, Enforce and Report with Blancco Management Portal

Access a centralized reporting solution where you can manage all data erasure licenses, create and modify users, and have complete visibility of erasure activities. And, your organization will benefit from a centralized point of data management control with certified, tamper-proof audit reports.

Key Benefits

How can your organization benefit from our solution to help you securely erase data from PCs and laptop?

Erasure at scale

Permanent data erasure from multiple drives simultaneously


Streamline and automate data sanitization policies across your organization


Use tailored workflows to automate every step of your erasure process


Achieve certified data erasure and a tamper-proof audit trail

Customizable Deployment

Select from a variety of licensing options to suit your organization’s requirements


Our software is compliant with all state, federal, and international data privacy regulations and guidelines

The most certified data erasure in the world


Tamper-proof audit trail


Global certifications, & recommendations


Compliance with regulatory standards


Standards for data erasure

Working with world-class partners

Case Study

“Blancco helps us in securely erasing all IT equipment in a secure and auditable way. 

Sacombank, IT Manager View case study
Case Study

We wanted a secure and proven technology to erase storage devices of various equipment before these are donated, reassigned or disposed of…. With Blancco, we are assured that no residual data remains.”  

Maria Angelica B. Rapadas, CIO, Exec. Director, Ayala View case study
Case Study

Employee laptops and desktops are erased right in their home offices so they can be shipped back to a central location with no sensitive data on board.” 

BFSI Organization Ensures Data Protection by Erasing Laptops & LUNs Remotely View case study
Case Study

“[W]e plan to continue to use Blancco for EOL [end-of-life] laptops and desktops, as well as do similar projects for server equipment and other assets that are collecting dust.” 

Joseph Holliday, IT Security Engineer 

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