ServiceNow End-of-Life IT Asset Sanitization

Blancco enhances ServiceNow’s end-of-life asset management capabilities by providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed for secure, efficient, and remote data erasure.

Blancco Secure Data Erasure for ServiceNow

IT asset management (ITAM) is designed to oversee the complete lifecycle of technology assets, but when data storage assets reach the end of their life, challenges emerge. Storing outdated hardware risks data exposure, and destroying it is inefficient and wasteful.

Blancco Secure Data Erasure for ServiceNow offers efficient, secure, and eco-friendly data destruction. It optimizes IT hardware usage, reduces data bulk, and safeguards data from unauthorized access.

When it’s time to retire ServiceNow end-of-life assets, Blancco Secure Data Erasure is the total solution.

Address data privacy & hardware end-of-life trends with ServiceNow data sanitization


of countries have data regulations, including legislation around data deletion.


of companies prioritize end-of-life asset management.

5 years

is the average enterprise hardware refresh cycle.

Fully manage IT asset erasures in ServiceNow


Remote, automated, and secure data erasure

Efficient and transparent end-of-life asset management is essential, and we tackle this with a remote, controlled, and automated approach. You can track your assets, establish drive erasure controls, maintain audit trails, and automate workflows within a single integrated platform. Through our collaboration with ServiceNow, we provide solutions for both ServiceNow customers and partners.

Streamline compliance with data deletion requirements

With data privacy regulations on the rise, Blancco Secure Data Erasure allows you to achieve stringent data erasure compliance through data sanitization. Automate your drive erasures based on detailed retention schedules, so you can consistently manage end-of-life assets or data deletion requests based on industry or regulatory requirements.

Keep IT assets up to date while meeting 'green' goals

Replacing your IT assets every five years doesn’t mean adding them to landfills. Our eco-friendly digital data destruction helps reduce e-waste from ServiceNow end-of-life assets so you can reach your Net Zero goals. Securely erase your assets so you can repurpose and recycle them safely.

Key features of Blancco's ServiceNow integration

Blancco Secure Data Erasure is a curated selection of Blancco software solutions, specifically crafted for use with ServiceNow IT asset management programs. ServiceNow customers who use Blancco Secure Data Erasure enjoy:

Intelligent Business Routing to automate ITAM

Streamline your IT asset management with Blancco's Intelligent Business Routing (IBR) seamlessly integrated with ServiceNow. Enhance device lifecycle management by automating procedures, from device grading to asset discovery and reimaging.

Erasing data on ServiceNow end-of-life hardware in bulk

Need a solution in ServiceNow to delete multiple—even thousands of—drives at the same time? With Blancco Secure Data Erasure, you can efficiently view and eliminate data from ServiceNow end-of-life drives from virtually any location.

Clear IT asset disposal audit trails

Enjoy centralized, secure access for users and administrators. With Blancco and ServiceNow, you can view licenses, manage user groups, monitor erasure activities, and generate reports.

Erasure control and asset tracking

At the end of every erasure, a report is automatically sent to the ServiceNow ITSM or hardware asset management system. Using the Blancco Management Console, you can easily review and download these reports in an intuitive dashboard.

Top-tier, secure data erasure standards

Employ secure, certified, and patented overwriting methods that not only guarantee the erasure of your data from any drive—HDDs, SSDs, and NVMes—but also support 24+ international standards for compliant data erasure.

Industry-leading support

Access to support that aligns with your requirements. Options include support during local business hours, extended to 24/7 coverage, and advanced plans that offer a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM). Additionally, advanced plans provide the option for annual remote and on-site health checks to proactively prevent future issues.

Case Study Enterprise

When Philippine conglomerate Ayala Corporation needed a comprehensive solution for handling sensitive real estate, financial and telecommunications data, it turned to Blancco.

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Case Study Enterprise

In response to remote work challenges, an Australian superannuation fund enhanced data security by remotely erasing employee devices’ data in home offices.

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Case Study Enterprise

In response to remote work challenges, an Australian superannuation fund enhanced data security by remotely erasing employee devices’ data in home offices.

View Case Study

Use Blancco and ServiceNow to complete the asset lifecycle

ServiceNow end-of-life assets deserve as much protection as your active drives, but are often overlooked. Many methods of data destruction fall short of necessary standards or result in harmful e-waste. Blancco Secure Data Erasure is a total solution, allowing you to reuse and repurpose ServiceNow assets by securely eliminating data.

Try our enterprise solution

Seamlessly integrate data erasure software within your environment and streamline compliance with global regulations. See first-hand how Blancco increases data protection across the widest variety of drives and data storage scenarios.

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