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Empower More Upsells with Mobile Device Health Checks

Most organizations would agree that acquiring new customers is more expensive than increasing revenues for existing customers. For your wireless organization’s profits to grow, you must maximize the value customers receive from their smartphones and tablets through accessory upsells. According to Future Market Insights, the mobile phone accessories market is expected to reach $121.72 billion by 2025. Are you leaving money behind? There are many ways you can empower your … Read More

When Cell Phone Security Matters

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that’s used by more than 1 billion people in over 180 countries, including individuals and businesses. One of the app’s biggest selling points is that it allows users to communicate across countries without the fees that text messages would typically incur. Recent controversy over how WhatsApp enables encrypted messaging has highlighted the need for secure communications. Articles in the Guardian highlighting the ability of … Read More

How to Ensure Data is Removed Before Reusing Devices

Ever been told your data has been lost by an organization supposed to be responsible for protecting it? I have. More than once. It’s not a good experience. The first data breach I suffered was from the finance company with which I had a mortgage on my family home. “Change your passwords” I was told, along with 11 million other account holders whose details were stored on a stolen laptop. … Read More

Blancco Granted Data Erasure Certification from NYCE in Mexico

Many organizations are using deletion, reformatting and other techniques in an attempt to remove sensitive data; however, these methods often don’t achieve data sanitization, allowing room for a potential security breach. Blancco is committed to developing products that keep organizations compliant and sensitive data protected. We’re proud to announce that we have received a new data erasure certification from the National Organization for the Standardization and Certification of Excellence in … Read More

What Do You Really Know about SSD Erasure?

Since the beginning of personal computing, tech enthusiasts have been interested expanding and innovating storage mediums. Traditional hard drives (HDDs), have essentially remained the same since they appeared on the market in the 1950s. HDDs are still popular today, but other, faster and more efficient technologies have also become available. Solid state drives (SSDs), for example, took off in the late 2000s with the rise of netbooks, and they continue … Read More

Smartphone Factory Resets:
The Benefits vs. Limitations
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