Blancco Apple Erasure

Purpose built, reliable erasure software for the largest variety of Apple products.

Targeted Solutions to Erase Apple Products and Devices

The Blancco Apple Erasure solution comprises three products designed to erase Apple devices, drives, or LUNs: Blancco Eraser for Apple Devices, Blancco Drive Eraser, and Blancco LUN Eraser. Our ITAD and mobile processor clients use this suite of products to streamline their processing workflows across multiple technologies, while enterprises enhance secure end-of-life asset management. Take advantage of the market’s most comprehensive erasure and diagnostics software capable of handling the unique requirements of Apple devices.

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Blancco Eraser for Apple Devices

Whether you’re an ITAD or mobile processor who needs to wipe data for Apple trade-ins, or an enterprise retiring iPhones or Macs from your ecosystem, Blancco Eraser for Apple Devices (BEAD) is the solution. Our software is purpose-built: it’s designed to support the circular economy by facilitating the reuse of Apple devices through secure erasure. It’s also versatile, offering fully verified data sanitization for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and M1, M2, M3, and T2 devices.

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Blancco Drive Eraser

Apple computers and drives provide powerful processing for enterprises but present challenges for asset disposal. Drives could hold years or even decades of sensitive info, locked away with Apple’s advanced security capabilities. With Blancco Drive Eraser (BDE), you can confidently and completely eliminate sensitive data on drives protected with Apple T2 security chips and PCs/loose drives, eliminating the need for a separate solution for each.

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Blancco LUN Eraser

Enterprises that need to permanently and verifiably delete data from Apple products in active storage environments turn to Blancco LUN Eraser. Using Blancco LUN Eraser, you can ensure Logical Unit Numbers are properly sanitized without compromising operating systems.

Erase Apple Challenges with Data Sanitization

The security features unique to Apple devices demand a specialized data sanitization solution. For those in heavily regulated industries, tracking erasure for compliance adds another layer of complexity. Blancco Apple Erasure simplifies all of that, allowing users to:

Reimage Apple MacBooks, iPhones, iPads , and more

Our versatile solutions provide erasure and reimaging for a near-comprehensive line of Apple devices using M1, M2, M3, and T2 chips. No other erasure solution provider offers as diverse a range of supported devices as Blancco.

Leverage iPhone and iPad diagnostics

Enjoy a full range of diagnostic tests for iPads and iPhones to quickly assess, grade, and value devices for resale or reuse. Check everything from camera functions to screen condition with easy-to-configure, automated testing options.

Harness secure, certified erasure

Blancco ensures strict adherence to the highest data sanitization standards , regardless of which ones you follow. Completely and permanently erase Apple drives and obtain tamper-proof certifications to prove compliance with data deletion regulations.

Support sustainability goals

Much like Apple products, Blancco's solutions are purpose-built to support the circular economy. Secure erasure facilitates the sustainable reuse of Apple products, keeping devices out of landfills and data out of the wrong hands.

Automate Apple erasure processes

Automate testing, grading, and erasing of end-of-life Apple devices to streamline workflows and increase throughput. Seamlessly delete data from Apple products with zero errors while reducing human touch time and decision-making needs. Build a reputation of reliability even as you accelerate device processing!

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