Addressing The 4 Basic Needs of the Second- Hand Mobile Market

In the growing second-hand mobile market, there are four critical needs that mobile processors and resellers need to meet. These are speed, stability, scalability and security–and they’re key to sustaining a profitable business. Deloitte projects second-hand smartphone sales will expand by 20 percent annually from 2015 to 2020. For businesses to be successful and profitable in this explosive market, they must continue to innovate by focusing on these four goals while addressing increased competition from agile competitors.

To accomplish this, the second-hand mobile market is increasingly looking for strategic partnerships and solutions that will optimize operations. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure is a purpose-built solution developed with these specific needs in mind. This solution continues to provide the most innovative and comprehensive solution available today.

Recently, Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and mobile diagnostics solutions, has partnered with Cambrionix, the leader in mobile technology charging and connectivity, to provide a solution that addresses the increasing demands of mobile processors (speed, stability, security and scalability). Together, we combine trusted, secure mobile erasure and diagnostics software with optimized hardware that allows our customers to achieve increased efficiencies at scale.

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure Benefits:

 1. Blancco addresses the 4 Basic Needs of Mobile Processors & Resellers:


Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure is a purpose-built solution optimized via Arch Linux, enabling scalability.


Because our products are purpose-built, all drivers and software are inherent in the solution itself—with no excess bloatware. Conversely, Windows-based solutions add unnecessary drivers, extra software and require frequent updates and management of the OS itself.


Due to Blancco Mobile’s architecture, recognition of devices is nearly instantaneous, with no latency for adding devices at scale. With Windows-based solutions, there is a performance hit from the onset as identification of devices is slow and these solutions struggle to scale; latency compounds as more devices are added.


While many in the industry only provide the option to perform Data Clear (factory reset), Blancco goes beyond this R2 requirement, which is inherently insecure. With Blancco, you get peace of mind knowing all data has been permanently removed from mobile assets.

2. Blancco is focused on today and the future.

As it stands today, many in the industry opt to simply perform factory resets, as these meet present guidelines and enable rapid processing of devices. But, at what cost? Factory reset isn’t always secure. With factory reset, CI Data (Customer Information) is removed from the device. On iOS devices, this tends to be satisfactory because Internal Storage Data is encrypted, and the process’ new encryption keys render previous data useless.

✔  SECURE DATA: CI Data ✖  INSECURE DATA: Internal Storage
What’s in CI Data?
  • WiFi Passwords in plain text
  • Login details for apps
  • Messages (SMS, Email, etc.)
  • Contacts
  • Call history
  • Calendar data
What’s in Internal Storage?
  • Photos and videos
  • MP3s
  • Downloaded files
  • Less secure app data

Android is a different story. Although factory reset does remove the CI on these devices, fewer than 15 percent of Android devices globally are currently encrypted. In such cases where encryption isn’t present, a factory reset merely removes the pointers to the internal storage, leaving it exposed. The data is still there—much like when you reformat a hard drive in a computer. All that is needed to access this data is readily-available freeware. In industries such as healthcare, government and finance, factory reset isn’t enough. These industries often require more security, ensuring no data remains on any mobile device. With Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure, we offer factory reset and 13 additional erasure algorithms which can be used to address the needs of our customers and this evolving market.

  • R2 presently only requires Data Clear (factory reset), but the industry is moving to advance R2 standards to increase security due to existing standards being outdated.
  • Industry leaders and carriers in the device processing space are starting to require stricter security measures to be adopted by anyone looking to do business with them as an auction-approved vendor. Because of this, data erasure will become the norm.
  • Our patent-pending technology ensures the proper disposal of encryption keys. (Encryption comes with an expiration date as technology advances and, in time, hackers can more readily crack today’s encryption methodologies).

3. Blancco helps customers target specific industries.

  • Blancco allows our customers to target government business due to our secure erasure algorithms, such as DoD 5220.22M, NSA 130-1 and more.
  • Blancco allows our customers to differentiate themselves from their competition when targeting industries sensitive to data security such as Financial and Healthcare. By leveraging Aperiodic Random Overwrite or other types of secure erasure, Blancco provides peace of mind ensuring all data has been removed from mobile assets accompanied by Certificates of Erasure to provide reassurance. Because of this, Blancco customers can charge more and position themselves as a premium service in the marketplace.

4. Blancco is financially stable.

  • Blancco has been in business for over 20 years as the leader in data erasure solutions. What began as a purpose-built hard drive erasure solution for ITAD providers has now become a solution portfolio that spans data erasure across IT assets including SSDs, mobile devices, removable media, virtual machines and more, as well as our comprehensive Mobile Diagnostics solution.
  • Our mobile erasure and diagnostics business grew by 29 percent from H1 2017 to H1 2018.

5. Blancco is the global leader in data erasure. Our position in this space allows us to:

  • Leverage best practices across various industries and competencies
  • Invest in innovation
  • Secure and maintain global certifications
  • Be insulated from increased competition and market fluctuations given our position as the global leader for data erasure across all IT assets
  • Work with a large network of partners to offer best-in-class solutions

“Blancco has best-in-class data erasure products and a proactive engineering support team that works hard to address issues as they rise.”

Sammy Sabbagh, Operations Manager, US Mobile Phones

Blancco and Cambrionix Product Partnership

Cambrionix, a global leader in solutions for mobile device charging and data communications, has developed a range of professional, large-scale USB hubs designed to operate with Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices, including handsets, tablets and Chromebooks. Using Cambrionix products, Blancco can now securely erase up to 144 devices at one time*, allowing processors to go beyond the security confines of factory resets, while also achieving impressive speed and scalability. Our competitors’ solutions allow less than half the number of simultaneously erased devices and face many challenges at scale due to Windows and USB limitations.

With Blancco and Cambrionix in partnership, mobile processors no longer must make a choice between optimizing throughput or opting for security. Both are achievable. How? By leveraging the stability of Blancco’s Mobile OS and Cambrionix’s Thunderbolt-to-USB3 bridge we were able to significantly increase the number of devices that could be reliably attached and increase data throughput up to 16x. This increase in data speed and the number of devices that can be processed simultaneously significantly reduces the bottlenecks inherent in standard USB hubs.

By adding integration with Cambrionix’s products to Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure, we have established a foundation that allows us to grow with the demands of our customers while providing actionable intelligence to facilitate improved decision-making. Now, mobile processors can provide secure data sanitization in a timely manner. No longer is it necessary to sacrifice speed for security. You can have both. And you can outpace your competition.

Additionally; the partnership allows the power per port to increase from 2.5 to 12 watts for device charging. This process allows mobile processors to collapse separate charging stations into the erasure and diagnostics process seamlessly.

Note: In the test use case, we worked within a fully optimized workstation that included an Asus Thunderbolt™ Motherboard and three Asus ThunderBolt™ PCIe cards. We then daisy-chained three ThunderSync3 Hubs to each ThunderBolt™ PCIe card, achieving erasure of 144 total devices simultaneously.

About Cambrionix

Cambrionix is a global leader in professional solutions for mobile device charging and data transfer. Cambrionix, based in Cambridge United Kingdom, has developed a range of reliable large-scale USB hubs designed for continuous data communication and charging of Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices, including handsets, tablets and Chromebooks. Cambrionix supplies data transfer and charging products to ITAD, Software and App developers, Healthcare, Military, Education, Mobile Device OEMs and Retail companies worldwide.

Cambrionix intelligent charging protocol allows almost any device, independent of OS, to be connected and charged at the maximum allowable rate.

Continually at the forefront of high-speed data transfer, Cambrionix offers solutions for USB2.0, USB3.0, USB Type-C, Thunderbolt2 and Thunderbolt3 interfaces, as well as remote device management and charging over Gigabit Ethernet. Cambrionix provides downstream data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps per port, with up to 40 Gbps connectivity to the control (host) computer.

All Cambrionix data products are provided with our Application Programming Interface (API) which provides full control of and the ability to monitor each USB port. This API can be incorporated into clients’ processes, allowing automated charging and data transfer processes to be executed. Cambrionix’ API, along with excellent customer support, highest-speed products, most intelligent charging, and reliability have helped Cambrionix become the leader in mobile technology charging and connectivity.

With many years of design and manufacturing experience, and proven product delivery, Cambrionix has established excellent working relationships with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

About Blancco

Blancco is the industry standard in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics. Blancco data erasure solutions provide thousands of organizations with the tools they need to add an additional layer of security to their endpoint security policies through secure erasure of IT assets. All erasures are verified and certified through a tamper-proof audit trail.

Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 15+ governing bodies and leading organizations around the world. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories.

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics solutions enable mobile network operators, retailers and call centers to easily, quickly and accurately identify and resolve performance issues on their customers’ mobile devices. As a result, mobile retailers can spend less time dealing with technical issues and, in turn, reduce the quantity of NTF returns, save on operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Blancco Mobile Diagnostics solutions empower mobile processors, 3PLs, Recyclers and Repair & Refurbishment Operations to easily, quickly and accurately process used mobile devices to identify any issues and determine overall value. By incorporating Blancco Mobile Diagnostics, mobile processors automate processes, deliver intelligent routing based on device attributes and increase overall efficiency, while driving incremental revenue and profitability.

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