Data Compliance

Regulatory compliance isn’t new, but compliance regulations are expanding and becoming more stringent than ever. If your organization doesn’t maintain compliance with these new rules, you could face large fines, data loss, privacy violations and potential data breaches. Learn how to stay on the right side of the law with the following data compliance best practice blogs.

Standards, Certifications, Recommendations and Compliance: What’s the Difference?

Certifications? Standards? Recommendations? Compliance? Each is important to consider when choosing security software. But is there really a difference between them, and does it even matter? Yes, it matters quite a bit. Knowing these important details is a major step in ensuring your organization’s data protection is adequate. … Read More

Blancco Technology Group Earns NCSC Commercial Product Assurance Certification

Blancco Drive Eraser 6 has been certified by the British National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Commercial Product Assurance scheme (CPA) for data sanitization. This marks the ninth consecutive certification from NCSC (previously CESG) for our data erasure software from the UK government over the last 14 years. What Is The CPA, and why does it matter for other organizations? We explain that and more below. … Read More

A Comprehensive List of US Data Disposal Laws

Most businesses have access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This information is sensitive and must remain confidential—both during the customer’s active business with the company and after that relationship has ended. Businesses found to be careless with the management of PII, and its eventual disposal, can be harshly penalized, especially in this post-GDPR era. Compliance is key. Data breaches are costly to businesses; companies that have allowed personal data to … Read More

The Information End Game: What You Need to Know to Protect Corporate Data Throughout its Lifecycle
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Samsung Data Erasure Case Study
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A Look Inside SSDs and the Unseen Data Destruction Risks
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