Data Security

Data security isn’t just about avoiding data breaches; it’s an ongoing commitment by organizations to keep their data safe across its entire lifecycle. Ignoring data security best practices can result in fines, legal issues, information loss and more. To mitigate data security risks, organizations must focus on security first. Learn data security best practices in the following blogs.

Standards, Certifications, Recommendations and Compliance: What’s the Difference?

Certifications? Standards? Recommendations? Compliance? Each is important to consider when choosing security software. But is there really a difference between them, and does it even matter? Yes, it matters quite a bit. Knowing these important details is a major step in ensuring your organization’s data protection is adequate. … Read More

Best Practices for Endpoint Security: It’s Time for a New Perspective.

When you think about endpoint security, what comes to mind? Endpoint security focuses on protecting corporate networks that are bridged to users’ devices remotely via laptops, mobile devices, tablets and other technologies. Because these gadgets are connected to corporate networks, they can represent a security threat. Endpoint security is designed to lessen these threats through proactive practices and tools, such as firewalls, access controls, antivirus software and intrusion prevention, among … Read More

The Information End Game: What You Need to Know to Protect Corporate Data Throughout its Lifecycle
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data erasure case study
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Samsung Data Erasure Case Study
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desktop erasure
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A Look Inside SSDs and the Unseen Data Destruction Risks
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