The market for refurbished smartphones has exploded in recent years, and along with this growth comes the growing pressure on mobile carriers, resellers and diagnostic firms to deliver the utmost in value and performance in their services. In this highly competitive industry, it is integral that diagnostic processes are simple and efficient so as to keep pace with consumer demand.

As we hurtle between smartphone models so rapidly, mobile enterprises must be aware of the trends, issues and direction of the new and resale mobile markets to survive. Understanding how and why devices are failing is an essential part of any mobile-focused business – being aware of the common issues faced by individual models and manufacturers can be the difference between providing a quick and easy experience to a customer, or a laborious one.

Our quarterly State of Mobile Device Performance and Health report provides a deep dive into the trends of the global mobile device market, exploring performance issues, diagnostic testing and failure rates by region and manufacturer. The information displayed and analyzed within the report is collated from open source data from a range of impartial sources, and internal data collected from the millions of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that underwent diagnostics testing on our Mobile Diagnostics platform across the world.

Download the Q2 2018 report today to discover:

  • The Incredible Growth of the Second-Hand Mobile Market
  • Most Common Diagnostics Tests & Issues by OS & Manufacturer
  • iOS Consumers Have Mixed Feelings About Pricey New iPhone Models
  • Android Software Updates are at a Standstill
  • Standardized Mobile Grading Policies Gain Global Attention


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