In the highly competitive mobile marketplace, resellers, processors and mobile call centers must deliver maximum value for their mobile customers across every channel– with the goal of optimizing the long-term performance of mobile devices, increasing mobile resell values, reducing customer complaints and decreasing time spent diagnosing and erasing devices.

Designed to address issues and provide helpful data specifically for the types of mobile organizations listed above, our new State of Mobile Device Repair & Security report is an in-depth review of global mobile device trends, including: erasure standards used, failure rates by device and manufacturer and software versions used across devices.

Download the report to see key highlights from Q4 2017, including:

  • Older Android versions are sticking around, while iOS users are quick to update
  • Majority of processors are using secure, randomized overwriting methods for Android erasure
  • Failure rates for iOS: iPhone 6 & 6S continue to disappoint
  • Failure rates for Android: Samsung models stand out as problematic, but are getting better


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